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CONSTRUCT 2012, Day 3, Session 2, Airtight Buildings

CONSTRUCT 2012 – Session 2 of Day 3. Airtight Buildings:  Energy Code Compliance with Air Barriers and Continuous Insulation Kirby Davis CSI, CCTS, CDT, LEED AP, you can follow her @GreenKirby on Twitter. I will have to say that all of the talks concerning building envelopes have very well attended this year.  It appears to … Continue reading

CONSTRUCT 2012, Day 3, Session 1, Building Envelope

CONSTRUCT-2012, Thursday, September 13, 2012, day three, first session of three for the day. I still cannot get over how good the keynote was yesterday.  Very inspiring. After the welcome reception last evening, I took the short walk over to the baseball stadium to catch a Diamond Backs stadium.  I love that both the baseball … Continue reading

CONSTRUCT 2012, Day 2, Session 2, Collaboration

Session 2, final session of the day. Creating a culture of collaboration – Jake Appelman with FMI Corp. as an industrial management psychologist.  Jake is also from Denver. Started as an exit interviewer for a trucking company as a 22 year old.  He learned a lot asking truckers about what they didn’t like about the … Continue reading

CONSTRUCT 2012, Day 2, Keynote Speaker

Wednesday – Keynote speaker Before the speaker began, we were entertained by a talented Hopi family that demonstrated for us a hoop dance.  It was well done and quite the show. This was a great keynote and if you only have time to read only one of my postings, read this one. Dr. Tracy Kijewski-Correa … Continue reading

CONSTRUCT 2012 – Day 2, Session 1, Fenestration Design

CONSTRUCT 2012, Day 2, session 1. Thought the classes started at 8:30, but it started 8:00.  Good thing it is only 8:10.  On my walk in I took a quick walk around tour of the Health Sciences Educational Building on a share UofA and ASU campus. Topic of the morning, Understanding High Performance Fenestration Technologies … Continue reading

CONSTRUCT 2012, Day 1, Session 4 – Building Envelope

Final session of the day.  My brain is getting full and I looking forward to finding a good place for dinner.  Great day for my continuing education requirements, 6 hours in the books. Session 4 is titled “The Interdependencies of the Building Envelope:  Setting Performance Expectations”. The presenter is Peter Babaian from Simpson Gumpertz & … Continue reading

CONSTRUCT 2012, Day 1, Session 3 – Door Hardware

CONSTRUCT 2012, session 3 – Consultant’s Guide to Keeping Door Hardware Code Compliant: The first session after lunch.  No offense to anyone involved, but I brought coffee.  I kept the lunch light, but it is after lunch.  Today’s presentation is by Laura Frey with Stanley.  They do not have a huge presence in Colorado, at … Continue reading

CONSTRUCT 2012, Session 2

I failed to introduce myself for those outside the walls of SLATERPAULL.  I am Matt Porta, a principal at SLATERPAULL Architects.  This is my third attendance to the national CSI conference.  I have found this conferences to be a great resource for gaining knowledge on the technical design of buildings and building science.  I am … Continue reading

CONSTRUCT 2012 – CSI Conference – Session 1

Lucky that I enjoy irony.  We are ‘enjoying’ the hottest summer ever in the Denver metro area and it wouldn’t surprise me if it was also the driest.  I land in Phoenix late last night and it is raining.  I wake up this morning and it is raining.  It did however make for a very … Continue reading

Oldies but Goodies: The National Register of Historic Buildings

The National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) is the United States federal government‘s official list of districts, sites, buildings, structures, and objects deemed worthy of preservation.  The passage of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) in 1966 established the National Register and the process for adding properties to it. Today, there are 287 properties and districts listed on the National Register of … Continue reading